New Code

All of my new programming projects will be found on my Github page. I will describe each in more detail below. Unless noted, my language of choice is almost always Javascript, and I am conducting experiments with node.js and associated libraries to create standalone Javascript applications and games. I am also doing quite a bit of work with Jison to create domain-specific languages that may be run within Javascript.

(Updated September 24, 2014)

Mesh WorkshopAn attempt (still in its early stages) to create a Smalltalk-style interactive programming system (IPS), but one that is designed for the development of 1980s-style text-based strategy games. Specifically, I want to create a programming language and environment that will allow for the development of new systems from which such strategy games may be made. Much of my work on this project feeds directly into the research I am conducting for my dissertation.

Hail WorkshopActually a simplified version of Mesh Workshop, this is intended to provide a simple, modeless development environment to the user. Uses a simple Pascal-like language and provides immediate-mode coding, as well as coded storage via specialized windows. The entire system was coded in Javascript and runs in node-webkit, with Jison providing the language parser.

asylum.exeA retro-style maze chase game that has undergone several iterations before taking its present form. The current version uses the Fray language I developed using Jison, with some modifications (Fray is a rather complicated language that I am hoping to simplify in the future). I am still working on the rules and overall goals of the game, but it will involve procedurally-generated levels.