Inspired by John Conway's "Game of Life", Cell Blast takes his concept much, much further, allowing you to build a virtually limitless variety of cellular automata that follow Life-like rules, using a simple but feature-rich coding tool.
Cell Blast is a platform for the construction of cellular automata. A cellular automaton is a computational model in which a series of cells are laid out in one or more dimensions, such as a two-dimensional grid. Each cell may exist in a series of states, and these cells evolve based on a series of rules that are processed in discrete time steps. As each step passes, each cell is processed according to these rules.
  •    A large grid upon which to draw automata tokens (up to 400x400 cells).
  •    The ability to choose from 5 states, represented as various token colours, as well as the empty state.
  •    A "play" feature that allows you to adjust speed and pause.
  •    A "full-screen" mode that allows your automata to occupy the entire screen.
  •    A fully-featured GUI coding tool that allows you to create up to three rules per state/token in complex conditional constructions.
  •    You decide how each cell will examine its neighbourhood, what conditions must be met to enact change, and what changes to enact. Cells may die, spawn, and devour other cells.
  •    File save/load functions for both codes and grids.

Cell Blast is built upon the Cocos2D Objective-C framework, and is available for cheap on the iPad App Store.