Tryout Games develops and publishes quality games and other fun applications for iPad. Our products emphasize creativity and customization, offering infinite possibilities from simple premises.
So far in 2012, Tryout has published two apps: Cell Blast, a cellular automata studio, and 123 Synth, a music synthesizer and keyboard for children.

123 Synth is a combination keyboard and drumset modeled after a children's toy piano. Choose from six different instruments - trumpet, guitar, xylophone, alien sound, violin, and piano - and play every note in one chromatic octave (C to C). Choose from six pieces on the drum panel. Record a song and play it back as you drum along, or create a custom drum loop using rhythm mode.

Cell Blast is a sandbox studio for the design and execution of cellular automata. Inspired by John Conway's "Game of Life", Cell Blast provides the tools to create rules for automata schema the incorporate up to six states - five colours, plus the empty state. Draw an initial state on the grid (up to 400x400 cells) and set the playback speed. Save your favourite rule sets and grid layouts.